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The aim of Foodamon is to raise awareness of what different foods do for our bodies and where their superpowers lie.

Our approach is to guide children and families towards a wholefood-based diet, which is balanced, offers variety, is practical to achieve, and provides enjoyment.

However, the aim of Foodamon is not to prescribe to children (or families) what they should or shouldn’t eat, when or how much. Our bodies are all different, our appetites vary, our tastes and preferences vary, and we have different activity levels. Some of us may have medical or other reasons why we can’t eat certain types of foods, or need to approach food in a different way.

We hope this game is informative and will start or nurture an interest in the foods we eat. As parents, caregivers and educators you can aid this further by helping children to understand the sources of food, seasonality, and how to prepare/cook it.

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resources on healthy eating.

Whilst we believe knowledge of basic nutritional facts is important as a guide to help us understand the context of our food, we encourage everyone to listen to their body, to become mindful about how they eat, and to be able to eat freely and with enjoyment.


How the statistics for the SUPERPOWERS have been derived:

ENERGY for body & brain

The amount of carbohydrates in grams per serving.

STRENGTH & growth

The amount of protein in grams per serving.

PROTECTION & production

The amount of fat in grams per serving.

Please note this includes all types of fat. As we have featured predominantly wholefoods in Foodamon, these can be regarded as healthy fats that are suitable

for a balanced diet.

EFFICIENCY & prevention

Scores based on the nutrient density of the food (amount of beneficial nutrients

of the food in proportion to the energy/calories).

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