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Welcome to Module 1 of the Foodamon® Healthy Eating Resource Pack - Healthy eating education with fun games, tools and curriculum-relevant information and activities.


This first Module is all about Foods and their Superpowers, and covers what foods are, why they are necessary for us and helps educate that every food has a place. This includes looking at the main food groups, recognizing which foods belong in each group, understanding the main nutrients and what they do for our bodies, and learning what a balanced plate is.


Module 1 also includes a printable version of the popular Foodamon® card game which was launched by Sam & Ben Productions in 2020.


Module 1 includes:

  • Teacher notes (4 pages) as pdfs
  • Slide pack (14 slides) as a ppt file and Google slides
  • Worksheets (9 sheets) as pdfs
  • Foodamon® card game (5 pages) as pdfs


Modules 2-4 will be released for sale in order later in 2021.


Resources for each Module can be used for a variety of primary school students. There are a number of worksheet activities, prompts and further ideas for teachers, and extended learning inquiry-type ideas for the older students.


The 4 Modules can be run over 4-8+ lessons, depending how you use the resources. The topics are:


1. Foods and their superpowers – understanding that all foods have a place in our lives (this module)

2. Choosing nourishing foods – learning skills to make healthful choices (on sale soon)

3. Me and my food – considering what I eat and introducing new foods (on sale soon)

4. Health for life – discovering what else contributes to a healthful life (on sale soon)


This resource has been developed by Sam & Ben Productions, a company providing fun educational health and wellbeing content for children, and Sian Stimson, Certified Nutrition & Health Coach. It promotes health in line with the NZ food and nutrition guidelines.


Please be respectful of the time we have put into creating this product and the copyright, and direct others who wish to use the same resource, to this page to purchase their own copy. Thank you.


A link to your resources (.zip file) will be on the Thank You page after placing your order, and in your order confirmation email.You have 30 days to download the material. 


UK Educator: Foodamon Healthy Eating: Module 1 (with printable game)

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