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About us

You know those times, when you're sat around the dining table, discussing how the day's gone, and a throwaway comment is made?

Well, that was us, one evening before Christmas.

Except the throwaway comment became an idea, and quickly became a plan. Then it became something the kids could bug Mum about until she finally sat down and started!

The topic was 'healthy eating', and the throwaway comment was along the lines of 'foods have superpowers'. The idea of superpowers battling it out became the idea for a card game, and finally, Foodamon was launched! 

We hope you enjoy playing this game as much as we enjoyed creating it!

If you learn something about food, that's great.

But most of all we want you to have fun!


Mum is Sian Stimson, a Certified Health Coach who believes in a balanced approach to nutrition, health and wellbeing.  The team also includes Sian's husband and their sons Sam and Ben.

Foodamon is a trademark of Sian Stimson. 

The Foodamon Card Game and related information, including this website, is the copyright of Foodamon and Sian Stimson. 

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